Ion-datetime different colors for different dates to display users

Use Case: Two roommates John and Nancy take turns to cook. John cooks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Nancy Cooks on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On Sunday they eat out. To keep track of their cook days they both use an app called mycookdays. In the app, both of them have a shared calendar to manage their cook days and provide information on what they will be cooking on that day. To avoid confusion, John likes his days highlighted in Blue and Nancy likes her days highlighted in Red. Sunday they are fine with any color. There are times when they may swap days and it is possible to have scenarios such as John may cook on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. How do I go about showing multiple colors in the ion-datetime calendar based on the user? I understand that ion-datetime value=[value]=“[‘2022-06-03’, ‘2022-06-13’, ‘2022-06-29’]” can highlight in one color. How to go about the second color? Please advise.