Ion content

Hey I have a question is it ok to add elements between the ion-content and ion-footer:
< ion-content >…</ ion-content>
< div>Some static content< /div>
< ion-footer>< /ion-footer>.

Could You/Should You situation here.

Could you do that? Sure, there’s nothing technically stopping you.

Should you? That’s a whole different question. I’d argue probably not since there is some advanced animations going on with elements on a page while you navigate.

Ok but if we want to have some content that is not scrollable and is on the bottom of ion-content, but not been absoulte (like it’s when you use slot=“fix”). What are our opitons?

I need to have something like height of the scrolling area

Not sure Im understanding. Can you provide a demo of what you are trying to do?

On the bottom there is a button I want that button to be on the bottom but not to have to scroll to it. And without making it’s position to absolute because the content will go behind it.

If this is the case, mix the ion-fab element with the button

Yes but when I do that the scrollable content goes behind the button. And I don’t need that I need the button to be under the scroll. So that the scroll to end on the top of the button.

Please use the full example in my stackblitz.

What version of Ionic Angular are you on?

Ionic 5 with Angular 9

If you can see here the content is behind the button:

So I guess I dont understand then. What exactly do you want?

When I put the button on bottom of the ion-content all the scrolling content to be push up so that the button to be on the bottom and i would be able to see all of the conent even when I scroll to the bottom.

Best thing I can think of is a demo like this

But even then I dont think it’s 100% what you want.

I honest think you should avoid the UI that you are trying to describe. It might not be the best approach

That is what I want to accomplish:
But if I leave it in the footer the animation of the transition breaks only on iOS.