Ion-content top and bottom content are unable to reach by scrolling


I’m facing an UI problem that haven’t been able to come up with a possible fix by myself so I’m posting this question to seek for any suggestion. Thanks you guys in advance.

Description: after adding some more content material to the DOM dynamically (hide the section with ngIf when there’s no data to show), I’m unable to scroll to the top or the bottom of my content, I can reach those parts briefly when keeping my pulling finger on the screen but if I release it, the content bounce back and be hidden.

I’m uploading a video here so you guys can have a better insight of what’s happening:

Without seeing your template HTML, hard to say. I am guessing you have some component’s incorrectly nested.

Thank you for your response, the HTML is quite long so I’m not sure if I would need to post the entire of it here but the problem only exists on iOS only. The same HTML does just fine on Android.