Ion-content is not scrolling to the bottom of the view

Hi, can anyone assist. I have a page with a number of cards inside the ion-content. I cannot get the view to scroll to thee end. I have been commenting out cards one by one and still the last content is outside the view. To get the last content to show I have to add 95vh to ion-content block. It makes no sense at all as other views are just as long.

Can you share your code?
How is the CSS of the component you’re using as the container(ion-list for example) of the cards?
Most likely you need to set the height of the container to 100% or, in some cases, to
height: calc(100% - 52px); // or 44px is mode = ios

But I’m just guessing, you shoul share what you already have so we can see what could be wrong.