Ion-content embedded in ion-content doesn't resize properly


I have a problem of ion-content not taking the whole heigh available when embedded in an other ion-content

I have a Component A with ion-header and ion-content.
In the ion-content of this component A I have a component B with a ion-content and a ion-header.

The ion-header of component B has a ngIf that depends of an input so I have :
if (typeof(changes.myinput) !== ‘undefined’)

If I dont call the resize, the ion-content go through the ion-header.
If I call the resize, the ion-content doesn’t go through the ion-header but the ion-content doesn’t reach the bottom (as if I have a ion-footer).

Note that just an ion-content embedded in an other ion-content has the issue (we dont need ion-header) but there is no point in doing that.

Can we embed an ion-content and ion-header in a ion-content ?
If not, how can I keep a fix part on my sub component to reproduce a ion-header behavior.