Ion-content dimensions don't add up


Hi I’m accessing the ion-content component to attach a scroll listener.
when getting the dimensions through getContentDimensions() the numbers don’t quite add up:


it should be like this:
scrollHeight - contentHeight = maxScrollTop
but contentHeight also includes 56px top and 56px bottom margin for the header and tab-bar that I have.
Is there any way to get the 56px margins through the component without messing with the HTMLElements directly ?
Searching and accessing the automatically inserted <div class='scroll-content'... will give me the proper contentHeight, but I’d rather not touch any of that in case the implementation changes.

PS: this gets the proper dimensions too, but touches HTMLElement:
contentHeight = content.getScrollElement().offsetHeight
topMargin = content.getScrollElement().offsetTop

(Sidenote, it’s still off by 1px, but that might be a rounding error happening somewhere)