Ion-checkbox list may be causing bugs on animations


I’m using a list of ion-checkbox(es) on a side menu to filter some items on the main page. But (I think) the checkboxes are causing some bugs on the UI animations. I recorded a video to show you what’s happening, hoping maybe you could help me fix this.

Here is the video link:

Thank you.

Interesting, did you recorded it on emulator? anyway, how are you filtering, pipes? as angular 2 doesn’t has filter pipe if you’re using a custom one post it to debug, if not then how are you debugging?

Hi luchillo17,

No, I recorded it using an app (Mobizen). I’m not using pipes, when you click on the checkbox it changes its value and usign ngModel the correspondent variable also changes and then triggers a http request to reload the items list on the main page, but that’s not the problem. The main problem here, is that the side menu is with some performance bugs, maybe it’s because the “ion-checkboxes”. When I removed or replaced then to “div” tags, most of the bugs stopped. I think that’s probably caused by the “ion-checkbox” render.

Thank you again.