Ion-checkbox is not working for me since upgrading from Ionic 5 to Ionic 7

In the below code (when built in Ionic 5), the user could click anywhere in the row (in either column). This triggers the rowSelected(unit) function, which sets the selected unit.IsSelected property to true.
This behaves differently in Ionic 7 and I haven’t figured out how to fix this.
In Ionic 7, the unit.IsSelected property is set to true for the model, no matter where on the row you click (which is the same behavior - this is good/consistent, so the function works and model is updated correctly). However, the checkbox is only updated visually to “checked”, if the user clicks in the 2nd column or “outside” the checkbox of the first column. When the user clicks the actual ion-checkbox, the checkbox is “unchecked” even though the unit.IsSelected is set to true for that row. Please help, if you can.


    <ion-list class="ion-no-padding">
        <ion-item *cdkVirtualFor="let unit of filteredUnits; let isOdd = odd; let i = index; " 

            <ion-grid >
                    <ion-col size="3">
                        <ion-item lines="none" color="none" class="font-clamp">
                            <span class="check-button-padding">
                                <ion-checkbox slot="start" mode="ios" [(ngModel)]="unit.IsSelected" ></ion-checkbox>
                            <ion-label class="ion-text-wrap ion-text-center">
                                {{ unit.Uic }}
                    <ion-col size="9">
                        <ion-item lines="none" color="none" class="font-clamp">
                            <ion-label class="ion-text-wrap ion-text-center">
                                {{ unit.UicName }}


Could you check Updating to v7 | Ionic Documentation ?

yes, nothing in there solves this problem.