Ion Buttons not working V4

Ive created a new project in Ionic 4 using “ionic start project1 blank”

I am just starting and i have added <ion-button>Test</ion-button> on a single Page.
It is not working, i get an “Template parse error: ion-button is not a known element…”

How will create a simple button work now in V4? The description in the beta docs is worthless as it is not working at all.

Post your ionic info output please. I am pretty sure you didn’t create an Ionic 4 project, but just used v4.x of the Ionic CLI and created a normal Ionic 3 project.

(The “worthless” docs describe the correct command to generate an Ionic 4 project by the way…)

The Ionic 4 code samples under Usage in the ion-button API do work; I’ve tried almost all of them myself.

To start an Ionic 4 project you MUST append --type=angular to your start command!

ionic start project1 blank --type=angular

Otherwise, the CLI will generate an Ionic 3 project, and hence those samples will fail.

Early alphas of the Ionic 4 would prompt you to select which Ionic to use, and also defaulted to Ionic 4. This was changed behavior in the beta release.