Ion-back-button not showing


I am using the ionic version 5.4.16 in which the ion-back-button is not showing when navigating . In older version like ionic 3 back button functionality was working fine. What will do to solve the issue?

Code Sample:


  1. you need to have defaultHref attribute at < ion-back-button > tag.
  2. more then one ion-buttons should be okay but if Nr. 1 doesn’t work try to delete one of them
  3. keep in mind that on IOS is not a button but a whole text as default.


defaultHref is the functionality from anywhere i click the back button it will go to the page specified in default href . But i don’t want that functionality. I need the back button functionality with history pages.

just use defaultHref="#" don’t add any functionality.

Added defaultHref="#" and when clicks its is just adding the # with the base url and as per my routing feature it will go the default home page. This is not a back option with history.

doc says it should recognize the history…
as a work around you can add (click) a method which calls window.back()