Invisible ion-header-bar in examples

In some examples in codepen:

ion-header-bar in invisible.

Is it concerned with ionic nightly version?

Probably has something to do with this?

So, the nightly changed drastically a few days ago.

I would suggest you use 0.9.26 right now if you already have a working code base and don’t want to refactor.

Unfortunately, the nightlies had lots of bug fixes for 0.9.26 that will now be lost to us. I’ve asked the devs to put a tag and release 0.9.27 number on all the improvements before this major breaking change. We’ll see if they think that is a good idea.

I’m releasing an 0.9.27 now - the last alpha release without huge breaking changes before the very-soon-coming beta. (And the beta will have super clear new documentation, as well as migration guides for these breaking changes).

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Issue still persists on v1.0.0-beta.1

You mind posting a CodePen sample that shows this problem?

Sorry, my mistake. Works fine! Thanks!