Inverted Colors Accessibility - IOS

Hello friends!

I have a new requirement. I needed to create a simple plugin that checks if inverted colors are enabled. It works fine on Android, but I’m having trouble with iOS. There’s an API called UIAccessibility.isInvertColorsEnabled that should return a boolean value of true or false.

The problem is that when the classic color inversion is enabled, the UIAccessibility.isInvertColorsEnabled returns strange results and seems to not work properly.

The same happens with the intelligent color inversion, so I can’t rely on the isInvertColorsEnabled method.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or used the UIAccessibility.isInvertColorsEnabled property?
I also tried using the UIView.appearance().accessibilityIgnoresInvertColors = true option, but it didn’t work.

I’m using iOS 16.4.1. The idea is to check if inverted colors are enabled and apply the color inversion in the app accordingly. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. Thank you.