Introducing AI-Powered Troubleshooting for Your Builds

Originally published at: Introducing AI-Powered Troubleshooting for Your Builds - Ionic Blog

Whether you’re building for the web or mobile, we’ve all faced one of the greatest enemies of developer productivity – build errors. You’re on a roll, making great strides, and just when you’re about to deploy, a build error throws a wrench in your momentum.  Investigating and resolving build errors can be time-consuming and often…

Is this why support tickets don’t seem to work anymore?

Today is the second time I’ve tried to submit a ticket but only get a white screen.

Hi @nvahalik, I’m sorry you experienced an issue submitting a support ticket. I’ve made the team aware and they are investigating. In the meantime, can you reach out to with more details? We’re happy to help.

How to turn this feature on? I’ve checked a failed build and don’t see that top panel.

Hi @Hills90210, service should be restored, can you check again and see if the top panel is appearing now?

Yes, I see it now, thank you. Works great too, thank you Ionic team for the hard work! :slightly_smiling_face: