Interstitial ad dismissed listener not work i am testing on ios emulator

   AdMob.addListener(InterstitialAdPluginEvents.Loaded, (info: AdLoadInfo) => {
      // Subscribe prepared interstitial
          AdMob.addListener(InterstitialAdPluginEvents.Dismissed, ( ) => {
        // Subscribe prepared interstitial
          AdMob.addListener(InterstitialAdPluginEvents.Showed, ( ) => {
        // Subscribe prepared interstitial

when i add this above 3 listener only this two(InterstitialAdPluginEvents.Loaded, InterstitialAdPluginEvents.Showed)listener called one after ads load and another after ad display . i am using capacitor admob plugin 5.3.0
Note : it is working fine on android.

is there any one facing this issue or how to fixed this ?

AdMob.addListener(InterstitialAdPluginEvents.Dismissed, ( ) => { => {
console.log(“Interstitial Dismissed”);
i have already tried with NgZone but still not work.

it was my mistake after AdMob.showInterstitial() method i am immediately calling AdMob.prepareInterstitial()
but i have to called this AdMob.prepareInterstitial() method after ad dismissed .
i can figure out this mistake by this.

Would you mind if I ask you some questions about running ads on Capacitor apps? I haven’t gotten any replies to my post yet and it’s been difficult finding answers in general.

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