Interface style is not displaying correctly in my app when changing between pages

Hi! I’m using Ionic 7 version and I’m working with pages like login, register and home. I’ve just added this leaftlet map feature on the background; however I don’t know why everytime I’m transitioning between pages the general style of the page I’m going doesn’t load correctly. For example, when I try to change from register to login after pressing the button for doing so, the screen display only appears half of the interface at a half, which leads me to double click that button AND refresh the page I want to go so that I can view the style the way it actually is. I would appreciate if someone can help me to fix this issue. Thanks!

So this is definitely because of the leaflet map functionality that seems to be affecting the interfaces renderization. In the other pages I’m not viewing this problem because i didn’t apply thar feature. Does someone have the same issue?

Have you tried to load the leaflet map API after view has initialized?