Intercom plugin for cordova

At AskU we rely heavily on the user feedback and re-engagement tool, Intercom. We had been using their JS SDK inside our ionic app, but we had to work in some weird hacks to get it work correctly in Mobile Safari with Ionic (strange z-index issues). And even then, the animations just weren’t there for us.

So we built a simple plugin for cordova that enables you to use the native iOS Intercom SDK with a one line install. We’re also working to integrate the Android SDK here soon, but unfortunately it’s still in private beta. We’ve been told we’re in the next batch that should get access, so we should have support in the plugin by the time it goes public.

Install with one line:

$ cordova plugin add co.asku.cordova.intercom --variable API_KEY="ios_sdk-0000..." --variable APP_ID="zz..."

Fork it, make it better, and report issues on Github.