Intellisense support (VS 2013)

Hi everyone,

I’m new with Ionic and Angular, so probably reinventing the wheel here. But I wasn’t able to find any solution to support Ionic tag/attribute directives in Visual Studio 2013, so I had to make one myself.
It is a basic intellisense support, probably far from perfect, but it is better than nothing.


As it was created from Ionic docs and not from sources, probably it misses few directives here and there, so please let me know if you find some.

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Awesome work dude!!
Thanks :smiley:

The link is broken, can you send me another link ?

Sorry, but since VS 2013 Update 3 my little hack doesn’t work anymore. So, I guess no solution for Intellisense with Ionic right now.

Thank you dear for responding, when something new come, please notify me