Intel App Security Api Cordova Plugin

Wanted to let you know of this relatively new Cordova plugin provided by Intel for using native security properties and capabilities and at the same time ask if anyone can say couple of words on experience from using it, pros, cons, trust etc.

The AppSecurityApi plugin enables the use of security properties and capabilities on the platform, using a new set of API defined for application developers. You are not required to be a security expert to make good use of the API and plugin. Key elements, such as encryption of data and establishments of capabilities, is abstracted and done by the plugin, for you. For example

  • Use the plugin to store (E.g. cache) data locally, using the device non-volatile storage. Data protection/encryption will be done for you by the plugin
  • Establish a connection with remote server (E.g. XHR) using a protected channel. SSL/TLS establishment and usage will be done for you by the plugin

Anybody know how to integrate this plugin in an Ionic2/Angular2/TS application? I take it from this thread that it needs a typings file, but there is not one currently on DefinitelyTyped. I’m getting very frustrated trying to get my app to talk to an https:// device (this device is similar to a network router and I am connecting on its management port), am hoping this plugin in is the solution.
BTW typings does not find a typings file either:
$ typings search com-intel-security-cordova-plugin
No results found for search

I’m looking to contribute to ionic-native and type this guy out.

I use this plugin as well, usually for encryption.

Check the latest version of Ionic-Native, it’s now a plugin :slight_smile:

If you encounter any issues (which is quite possible), post them in Ionic-Native’s GitHub repo. I didn’t get to do very extensive testing outside of my own needs w/ this plugin.

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