Integration with angular.js does not work?

Hi all,

As I am experimenting Ionic, I found an very strange error related to AngularJS in Ionic. I’ve tried to use ng-model in a field text, but this model is not bound to $scope. You can found an example code here: . When I try to type the text and click on Search, the result is displayed as it did not receive change from text field.

I included js file from in which it is said that AngularJS is already included, so I supposed it had to work. But it did not actually.

Could you tell me how to get this example working?

Thank for your help,

You need to do it like this:

See older post…

Ah, it works. Thank @Alias for your help. I did see example at in which they used something like ng-model=“task.title” but I didn’t think it was that important. May be some more explication on the docs might be more helpful.