Integrating Specific Plugins in AppFlow with Capacitor

Hello everyone,

I’m seeking advice on using AppFlow for CI/CD in my Capacitor-based mobile app. My app includes plugins like OneSignal (for push notifications) and (for deeplinks), which require specific configurations in Xcode and modifications in the Manifest.xml and gradle files.

I haven’t started configuring AppFlow yet and am wondering if it’s possible to manage these specific plugin configurations through AppFlow. Does anyone have experience integrating such plugins within the AppFlow environment? If so, could you share your insights or tips on how to approach this?

Additionally, I came across a tool named Trapeze, which seems to offer functionalities for managing mobile configurations. Has anyone used Trapeze with AppFlow, and can it facilitate the integration and management of necessary configurations for plugins like OneSignal and Branch ?

Thank you in advance for your help and insights, which will be invaluable for my project’s progress.

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Your options are

  1. Modify the files manually and commit them
  2. Modify the files with scripts or hooks
  3. Use trapeze

Well, 3 and 2 are basically the same, trapeze just help you with the the scripts.

I have not used it with onesignal or branchio, but it allows you to edit the Info.plist, AndroidManifest.xml and some other native project files.

Thank you for your answer !

I will explore these different proposals.

I wish you a good day.