Integrating php for data insertion in a database in ionic


Hi guys. I know this question is asked by most people but I have not found a definite solution or reference to the question. In many tutorials I checked, they are implementing an app.js file and controller . But when I look in my project I dont see a pre build app.js or controller of any sort.
When i looked in the community for suggestion I found out that js and controller are pre build by the ionic v1 framework and it is not practiced now.
I am creating an android app, where there is a page containing a form and i want to insert the data in the form to the database I have created.
So for people like me who are using latest ionic framework, what advice or suggestion can be given to insert the data into database. I have remote server set up by using WAMP server and I desperately need a solution. Any advice or refernce is welcome.