Integrate SQLite with ionic


I am new to ionic. I want to use SQLite with ionic app as a centralized database which is hosted on some server. I don’t understand how to do connection of these and I didn’t found any thread like this which could be helpful for me. Is there a way to do connection (centralized database) between SQLite and ionic app? Any thread to refer?


As the name suggests, SQLite is intended for low-resource embedded applications. Centralized servers generally have different engines such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, or Oracle.

So SQLite is used only for locally storage?

Generally speaking, yes, SQLite is only used on device. I suppose you could make a server with it, but I would not think that would be typical or recommended.

Any database you want to use on a server best is implemented with a backend service that presents an API to your Ionic app instead of trying to connect to the API directly. No matter if it is SQLite, MySQL or Postgres.

But what @rapropos says is true of course.