Installation instructions for plugins gone after Ionic 5

Plugins’ installation instructions no longer shown in Ionic Native docs.

Do you have an example…

Yes, here’s one example out of the 250+ Ionic Native Community plugins:

Ah, yes, I see I had wandered into the Premium plugins section.

Instructions are frequently found with the plugin…

…has this not always been the case?

Are you part of the Ionic team? I’m not asking for help… I’m just trying to point out a mistake.

The instructions within the plugin docs are for use with cordova, there’s no Ionic Native installation instructions… and no, this has not always been the case. Go to Ionic 4 and 3 docs (even Ionic 1 when it was ngCordova) the installation instructions have always been within the Ionic Plugin docs, just like the Camera example you gave

This is a bug, so you should create a Issue here

FWIW, when I checked this yesterday, the installation instructions were there, but just mysteriously hidden. They show up if you manually dump the hidden attribute off their tab container (by using Chrome Developer Tools’ element inspector).

You’re right. For whatever reason, there is a

display: none!important;


Did anyone create an issue?