Install ionic problem

Hello, I have this big problem to install it, I do not generate the apk, or snatched me or the release of several versions and continues with the same problem, poll with ionic 3 and ionic 4 and does not generate the apk in any of the versions. I want to completely erase my computer to reinstall. Can anybody help me.

Hi, @carlossotter
Can you please share the screenshot of the error or tell us what is the exact problem so that we can help you.

Ionic recommends installing a new version of the command-line interface (cli) regularly, such as before linking an app to Appflow via ionic link or `ionic start.

The command for installing the cli is npm install -g ionic@latest , which does a Node Package Manager (npm) global install of the latest version of the Ionic cli.

If you run that command on a Mac or UNIX machine and get the error Error: EACCES: permission denied , it means you don’t have permission to write to the global directories used by npm.

There are a few ways to get around that error.

  • Run the command as a super user via sudo npm install -g ionic@latest . You then enter the system admin password, which is typically your computer password.
  • If you can’t use sudo, then you should either use a node version manager, or install to an directory you do have permissions for, and set the system path to reference it via a back
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Thank you very much, it worked. I generate the apk