Install ionic on mac


Hi all

I already have cordova android and xcode run ok and want explore ionic

i have made the install

$ ionic start myApp

when i try create give this error

-bash: ionic: command not found

can anyone point what was going wrong ?.. (new to mac)

Best Regards


i copy css and js folders to www dev folder and start from there



How did you install ionic-cli in the first place? Is it installed globally by using npm install -g ionic-cli ?

I’m not sure from the top of my head if the install package is called ionic or ionic-cli but my point is the global flag -g



I install this way

npm install -g ionic


I know from my first experience when trying to install something from terminal on a mac that you always need to include sudo before you run npm.

sudo npm install -g ionic

You should be prompted to type your password then hit enter and it should install.


Yes already try wth sudo …

MacBook-Pro-:***** j********$ ionic start myApp
-bash: ionic: command not found


If you’re still sudo installing npms you should upgrade to the latest version of Node.js (which also installs npm) - it no longer requires sudo to install packages.

@jorge - you may have installed ionic to a particular directory and not globally (the -g flag) so it’s not available anywhere.

Try this:

$ npm cache clear
$ npm uninstall ionic
$ npm install ionic -g

Then the Ionic CLI should work for you anywhere.