Input money mask

I need a mask for an input with 2 decimals, to work like this: “US$ ** (unlimited numbers: 0-inifnite)** . **”. For example: US$ 329.15
I’ve tried this and it works:
But this expression it’s for phone number.


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I’m pretty sure you want to use

But also. I’ve had several attempts at getting a currency input working, and I must say it isn’t trivial. Browser and platform differences make it a nightmare. And on iOS and Android if you want a numeric keypad, then you need to use a numeric type field. As soon as you do that then you can no longer get the cursor position of the field, so any kind of input mask becomes troublesome.

So you have to then choose between having a numeric keyboard, or having an input masked field.

I’ve come to the conclusion most apps end up creating a soft keyboard and a kind of dummy input field and then you eliminate the trouble of a cursor and have a decent keyboard for entering currency. And it is really somewhere a native keyboard / textfield doesn’t give a huge advantage?

hi, did you found a solution?

I haven’t found one that isn’t clunky.

You question is a unique one I would suggest you to check the authority dollar websites.