Input margin

Hi guys,

I’m having a kinda basic question (I’m new to Ionic 2), but I have been searching around and could not find an answer.
How can we change the input margin size. I know that we can change the ion-input margin size bu simply specify the margin attribute in scss file. But I could not change the margin size of the input element that is wrapped inside ion-input.


Check here, scroll down to Sass Variables and switch to iOS or whichever you wish to modify

I got it, thanks Mich

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@mich356c How would you remove this margin-left for a certain component only? Since modifying this variable is affecting the whole app globally.

While I do wish ion-input to have margin-left, in a specific case where I have another element in front of the ion-input this margin creates quite a big gap which I do not wish to have. What might be a workaround to this, while still using ion-input?