Input Items turns Read Only on ion-list when show-delete = true


I am using ion-list.

The input item is editable when I have show-delete = falsy, but if it is set to truthy then the input turns read only i.e you cannot type any values.

I am new to Javascript / Ionic /Angular. So pardon me if I am missing anything obvious.
In my controller I have $scope.shouldShowDelete = true;

<ion-list ng-show="setReminder" show-delete="shouldShowDelete">
      <ion-item class="item item-input" ng-repeat="time in reminders">
        <span class="input-label">Reminder</span> 
        <input type="time" ng-model="reminders[$index]">
        <ion-delete-button class="ion-minus-circled"></ion-delete-button>