Input form scrolls outside modal

I cant get my Input form get scrolled inside my modal. If i scroll the content…it is scrolled outside my modal.

The header remains on its place…the form inputs gets outside the modal.

So maybe you can tell what i´m doing wrong.

here is my code inside the modal:

<ion-header-bar class="bar-derp">
    <button class="button button-clear" ng-click="abortDraftPositionNewEdit()">Cancel</button>
    <h1 class="title">Edit position...</h1>
    <button class="button button-clear" ng-click="applyDraftPositionNewEdit()">OK</button>

<ion-content class="has-header">
    <div class="list">
        <label class="item item-input">
            <span class="input-label">Listenpreis</span>
            <input type="text" ng-model="draftPositionNewEditModalData.position.priceNet" ng-change="calculatePosition()" money precision="2">

        <label class="item item-input">
            <span class="input-label">Rabatt %</span>
            <input type="text" ng-model="draftPositionNewEditModalData.position.discountPercent" ng-change="calculatePosition()" valid-number>

        <label class="item item-input">
            <span class="input-label">Rabatt (netto)</span>
            <div class="currency-label-deactivated">{{ | currency}}</div>


I’ve this issue too… Is there a fix to solve this issue?

Even I have got the same issue, I hope it will be solved soon.
Issue listed in github