Input File audio

Hi ionicers,
i’m stuck with this issue…

my application has a <input> element for open media files
everything is ok with image and video files, but i’ve problems with audio files
when i select the file i need (on the phone), the file’s extension go blank and the filename is the old filename without extension.

i’ve tried to accept only audio, and same thing happened…

how can i solve it?

this is my code

<ion-fab vertical="bottom" horizontal="center" slot="fixed">
      <label for="input" style="font-size: 20pt; padding: 30px">
      <input accept="audio/*" type="file" class="hideInput" 
             (change)="changeListener($event)" (click)="clearFile()">
fileInputChooser: any;
file: File;

clearFile()   ///for select the same file

async changeListener($event) {              /// if I choose testAudio.mp3" ->
  this.file = $[0];       /// file.type = undefined
                                            /// file.filename = testAudio

  const popover = await this.popoverCtrl.create({
    component: UploadImageConfirmPage,
    translucent: true
  await popover.present();

  popover.onDidDismiss().then((mode) => {
    if ( == 'upload')
      this.showToast('Content uploaded.');
    this.file = null;