Input field language - Keyboard

Hi All,

Currently we have a ionic v1 app developed. When we started off we had developed a custom on-screen keyboard. when the app loads the device keyboard is disabled and only the custom keyboard is displayed. This way we were able to restrict the user input only to english and show them only the labels in different languages, because the data to be saved in the client database has to be in english only.

We are planning to convert the app to the latest ionic version (mostly v4) … I wanted to see the better ways to converting the app in related to the custom keyboard.

Now, I am trying to understand if I need to develop the similar custom keyboard in v4 as well or is there any feature available in ionic or
its better to use the device keyboard itself and keep identifying and keep translating the language based on the user keyboard input.

Overall, trying to understand the best practices for it… how other ionic apps are doing it.

Awaiting for a reply.