Input box is covered by keyboard on mobile

I am tryin to build a login form and i want to scroll the input a little up when keyboard is pressed.
for now when i click on input box it is covered by keyboard on mobile.

          <ion-input class="emailtext" [formControl]="registerform.controls['email']" type="text" placeholder="Email" name="email"
            [(ngModel)]="" required clearInput></ion-input>

          <ion-input placeholder="Password" [formControl]="registerform.controls['password']" 

clearOnEdit=“false” required clearInput>
<button ion-button clear color=“dark” type=“button” item-right (click)=“hideShowPassword()”>
<ion-icon class=“passwordIcon” [name]=“passwordIcon”>

        <p *ngIf="! &&
              ( || submitted)" class="validator-error">
          Please enter a valid email.


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