InonicSlideBox: how many before crush?

Hi all, I get images via AJAX ($http) and I need to show them 1 at time. I use swipe left/right to change image. Now I have see ionicSlideBox and I think that is better for my “usability”. So I have changed my code and all works, but how many slides I can use before that all crush ? Image in the slide is loaded only when slide is showed.

Or is there a way to simulate ionic slide swipe effect ?

Thanks, M.

Here is one possibility. You can put on-swipe-left and on-swipe-right directives on ion-view and cycle through at least 3 ion-views.

More info on directives:

Hi, I have think to your solution but the “problem” is that I need to show a moved page like ion-slide (from right to left and viceversa).

However thanks.