"inline" spinner


I’m working on an app and using the spinner quite a bit while communicating with the back end. Is there any way I can have the spinner appear only in the column that is being synced with the backend and not take over the whole screen and thus blocking forms and other things the user could be interacting with in the meantime?



Sure is:


In my app, when the user uploads a video, I want them to keep using the app while the video processes. So I have a div that I show, with the ion-spinner inside that div. Once the video is done processing, I hide the div element.

Works great and its really customizable (hint, you can even change the color and size of the spinner since its an SVG!)

Cool, hadn’t considered that approach, seemed to simple to be “the one” :smile: Will try when I get home tonight!

Worked like a charm, thanks so much :smile:

Glad its working for you. Sometimes the simplest solutions are “the one” :slight_smile: