Inline GIF/STICKER Keyboard Support

We need a way to get permission from the native iOS/android system to allow us to use the GIFS from the keyboard directly. There is no need anymore in 2022 to have external functionality when its already supported by the system. Countless apps have this implemented, the ones I know are built with React Native. I saw that React Native has added this functionality natively. Cordova keyboard plugin by Ionic is really the only solution we have for keyboard control at the system level and it cannot get it done.

Many users want this feature, I have seen it asked as a feature request since 2018 but no one has ever really given a good response.

This feature is pretty important for anyone making a messaging app.

Our app gets the error ____ doesn’t support image insertion here for gboard

For Samsung keyboard its “cant enter this content here”

There are pretty much zero work arounds that I know of for people using cordova/ionic

Much help would be appreciated!

Maybe you should create your own plugin?

Haha I wish I was that good at coding. I only started a few months ago, really dont have much of an idea on how to write my own packages for others. Was looking perhaps for a solution I had missed from the community!

Anything? Or should I assume its not possible with this setup

if there’s no community plugin out there then no, not possible.