Inject/Provide window object


This has been asked in the SO post

I had it working in browser with a higher angular version.

I declared it in app.compnent.ts
{ provide: SignalrWindow, useValue: window }

In a model class, SignalrWindow was defined as

    export class SignalrWindow  extends Window{
      jQuery: any;

And then finally injected in a provider like this

constructor(@Inject(SignalrWindow) private window: SignalrWindow,

I had it working with Angular version 2.2.1. But at the moment the angular version for RC3 is 2.1.1 and it complains that it does not know what window is.

I tried changing as per the SO suggestions, but none of the solutions work.

Has anyone tried to inject Window into a provider and can provide their solution?


This works when ionic-angular version is set to this in package.json "ionic-angular": "2.0.0-rc.3-201612081620"