Initial loading time issue

We started an application with complex business logic in ionic 2 which is a long term project with a scope of a large user database and we are impressed with the plugins and controls you provide. However ,initially the app takes about 14 seconds to load and get to login page. Is there any solution to decrease the loading time.

Are you building with --prod?

when we tried with --prod , the app package is minified ,but the app is not loading after installation in android

You will need to do some remote debugging to see what error is occurring, including the --prod flag is important. If the prod build is still loading slow then you can try using lazy loading, which will load your application in chunks as needed which is especially helpful if you have an application with lots of components.

If after that it’s still not good enough, you can start looking in the Network tab in the debugger to see what specifically is taking a long time to load - once you’ve identified what it is you can start investigating ways to mitigate that.

Having the same issue, relatively complex business logic. When the splashscreen is done, the app is all white for a few seconds until the loginscreen appears and everything is smooth again.

Please report back if you solve the issue