Infinite scroll with http request

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has maybe some example of using an ionic infinite scroll with http request? would it be implemented in a similar way to angularjs infinite scroll? thank you.

See my codepen for showing the Github commits for the Ionic project using http requests to load data as you scroll.

Can you show the markup too?

Markup is the HTML. I need to see the template and how you’ve setup the <ion-infinite-scroll> to have the whole picture. Even better is if you can create a codepen or something to demo it.

I can’t see this method on your controller!

Yup, use on-infinite="loadAllDeals()" to call the right method in your controller.

Also there is some code in the $http request that was specific to handling GitHub requests. I don’t know your API or if they have a Link header in the response, but the $scope.more value is being tracked against if the Link header contains a particular string or not. You will need to update the logic to track when your API has more pages or not. I don’t know how your API paginates, but infinite scroll makes sense to use with a paginated API.

thank you for all the comments , yes it’s not working with my API