Infinite Scroll Not Stopping

I am using the ioni-infinite scroll component and I I have all my stuff set up correctly. Its seems that the infinite scroll however keeps firing infinitely for some reason. I am trying to have it add 10 item from my model which was already returned to me via ajax during bootstrap.

Below is my code.

$scope.loadMoreDeals = function () {

        if($scope.allDeals.length < AllDeals.allDeals.length){
            var startIndex = $scope.allDeals.length - 1;
            var endItemNumber = startIndex + 10;
            var moreDeals = AllDeals.allDeals.slice(startIndex + 1, endItemNumber);

            angular.forEach(moreDeals, function (newDeal, index) {
            $scope.newDealsExist = false;


and the HTML



Im not sure what im doing wrong here guys. This is on Beta 14

I’ve also encountered this problem!

Please see my post on this thread -> [Resolved] Issue Beta.14: ion-infinite-scroll keep on calling the method of on-infinite