Infinite Scroll loosing position and content


All demos I`ve seen about infinite scroll, I have a problem with lost scroll position and content.

When I click on item and back the json reloads again and go to the top.

Sorry for bad english.


i dident understand what is ur goal,

the scroll is working but you have problem with links ??

maybe you can put you code here or open a code-pan


ItamarCohen, here is an example of what I`m trying, but when loads the JSON and show on the list and I click to see the details of each item, and I click on back button loads again the loadMore function and refresh the list and lost position.


hey @marcosseki when u go to different page (detailed item page) and return to the list page its will do a refresh to the load more function what i will do instead of redirect a page is to use modal.

here is a code pan for what i mean .