Infinite scroll function not called

Hi, i’m new with Ionic 2, so, in order to learn to use it i’m making a small-but-awesome app. Everything was (almost) fine until I get to the infinite-sroll part of the application. I didn’t find documentation on how to do it except for this one. The code I made doesn’t trigger any errors but it doesn’t trigger any function either :disappointed:

HTML code (just the important part):
<ion-content> <ion-card> <!-- I O U a code --> </ion-card> <ion-infinite-scroll (infinite)="getNewInfo($event)"> <ion-infinite-scroll-content></ion-infinite-scroll-content> </ion-infinite-scroll> </ion-content>

TS code (just important part):

export class Popular {
private info: Info[] = [];

constructor(private dataservices : DataService){}
    this.dataservices.getInfo().subscribe(data => { = data;


infinit event was changed to ionInfinite in beta 2.0.8