Include and initialize cordova plugins [SOLVED]

Using Ionic, if I want to use a cordova plugin , Do I need to add it to the top level ionic config.xml? Does it just get added to specific plattform config with the CLI commands?

Also a doubt on application init. How should I initialize plugins on app start to have them available?

Thank you for your help.

I’ve used a fair number of the Cordova plugins, adding them via the CLI is all you need to do, they’ll then be added in the relevant config files and such for you :smile:

As for initialisation, I’ve never seen this required, you add them via the CLI and then you call them where you need them. I assume this initialisation is also handled by Cordova / Ionic when added via the CLI.

Good luck :smile:

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Hey, edwrede_ZA!, thank you very much for your help.

Seems to be exactly as you say.

My pleasure :slight_smile:

The Cordova docs are surprisingly helpful for their official plugins as well, so you shouldn’t have any issues getting started, but if you do don’t hesitate to ask! :smile:

Good luck!

@edwrede_ZA is installation for SQLitePlugin is similar? I have done CLI installation but it is not working.