InAppBrowser - Return from opened external Link

I am developing an ionic app, which uses InAppBrowser plugin for external link navigation. The issue is that, whenever I return from that external link , I don’t land on a page from which I left, instead I land somewhere else. Please help.

Thanks in advance. !!

This should not happen there must be some code that leads to page transition. Please upload the controller code you are using to open inappbrowser window

What does that mean? Always on the same page? On random pages? On something completely else?

It doesn’t return back to the page from which the external link was
clicked. Instead it returns to some different page of the app and then
navigates to the page from which it was clicked after few seconds.

Specify please. Start page? How is this page special?

Buddy, It just opens up in some other page of the app, not the one, from which it was clicked from. After few seconds it returns to the original page. It doesn’t return to the first page, well it may go, don’t know about that, sometimes it launches the splash screen and then opens the link page.

That is expected behaviour when your app was “removed” from memory while in the background, tends to happen on devices with not much memory available. Android prioritizes and removes your app as it is not active any more.

If you can’t (or don’t want to) specify which page it unexpectedly loads instead of the one that opened the InAppBrowser I can’t help you. Good luck.

Mostly it opens up the previous page of the page from which inAppBrowser was opened.

How do you return? By manually clicking “Close” (or X or whatever it is) or triggered by your code?