inAppBrowser pinch zoom on ios doesn't work


i try to open a jpg image on ios but the pinch zoom doesn’t work.

With android platform works fine.

This is my code:

import { InAppBrowser } from 'ionic-native';

  itemBusClicked(event, item) {
    let options = 'location=no, enableViewportScale=yes';
    let browser = new InAppBrowser(item.image, '_blank', options);

also i added this line in config.xml

<preference name="enableViewportScale" value="true"/>

i tried with enableViewportScale and with first letter uppercase EnableViewportScale

but in both cases does’t work


Did you get anywhere with this?

I’ve also tried both parameter and config.xml options with no luck


maybe try adding the options directly, like so

  let browser = this.iab.create(doc._address, '_blank', {
    closebuttoncaption: "Exit",
    enableViewportScale: "yes"

It does work for me