InAppBrowser ionic-native 2.2.6 - ionic 2

have you anybody working InAppBrowser on ionic-native 2.2.6? If I use implementation by docs it tells me that this implementation is depreciated…

my function is:

linkTo(url) {, '_system');
    return false;

and whole warning:
Native: Your current usage of the InAppBrowser plugin is depreciated as of ionic-native@1.3.8. Please check the Ionic Native docs for the latest usage details.

Thanks for help

Yes, that method is depreciate, and will be removed from the docs soon.

Ok. So can you give some example how to open url in inAppBrowser?


The docs you are linking to tells you to use the plugin like this:

import {InAppBrowser} from 'ionic-native';


let browser = new InAppBrowser('', '_system');
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If I use

linkTo(url) {
    let browser = new InAppBrowser(url, '_system', "location=true");

Than the link is opened in chrome. But no InAppBrowser…

To open in InAppBrowser, change 2nd param from _system to _blank.

Thanks a lot. Works perfectly.