In ionic1, what is the equivalent function of this.nav.setRoot(Page1) and this.nav.push(Page2) in ionic2?

For a navigation based app, in ionic2, if I want to start navigation from Page1, I can call:


and if I want to add next page, I can call:


, however, now I need to use ionic1, and I can only find something like:

.state('', {
  url: "/abc",
  views: {
    'abc-tab': {
      templateUrl: "templates/abc.html",
      controller: 'ABCTabCtrl'

which seems always switch views by changing states. My question is, in ionic1, how to I distinguish between this.nav.setRoot(Page1) and this.nav.push(Page2) ?$ionicHistory/index.html

According to the docs…

  historyRoot: true,
  disableBack: true

…followed with…


…should do the trick.