In Ionic Slides are not working because of ElementRef


While i am Using the Ionic Slides …

I imported Slides then

ElementRef is added this to the providers in main module.ts

after that i am getting the following error…

Can’t resolve all parameters for ElementRef: (?).

could any one please help me !


I’m not quite sure I follow.

Are you adding ElementRef to your list of providers? If so, why? Or perhaps more importantly, you can’t do that so don’t.


yes i added to my List of Providers after that i m getting this Issue…!
if i don’t add its again throwing me error like ElementRef should be added to list of Providers like that…!


Could you perhaps share the code where you’re using ElementRef?


its working fine…it was my mistake…

Thank you soo much…


Can you tell me in how to use zoom=“true” functionality…

i am getting error as Cannot read property ‘getAttribute’ of null