In-app redirection with webviews

Howdy folks! I was reaching out to see if anyone can provide some insight on how to approach a project I’m working on. My team and I are building a headless WC mobile app with react, the ionic framework, jwt and graphql. The web version will remain a standard WC store. Our approach for checkout is use the WooGQL checkoutUrl and let wordpress handle checkout (which uses checkoutWC plugin) then redirect the user back to the app. Currently I have the app loading the checkout page via webview and basic 301 redirect that occurs after checkout. Which kind of works but once the user returns to the app they’re logged out. My assumption is that I need to pass the session back to the app though I’m not sure how to approach that. I’ve also tried opening the checkout page in capacitor’s in-app broswer but once GraphQL goes to validate the transfer-session, WP thinks the user isn’t authenticated so they just get directed to the homepage of the desktop site

If anyone has some recommendations or have a better alternative I would love to hear it as this is my first time working on an app.

It sounds like you want Deep Links.