In-App Purchase Plugins - Ionic/Cordova


Hi All…i am developing a cross platform mobile application and having problem in In-App purchase…it allows for 1 time purchase but could not make consumable purchase (repeat purchase). Appreciate any advice

Cross Platform Application (IOS & Android), IONIC/Cordova



Hi, Nprabhuraj

I’m also in the same boat as yours but you are ahead of me.
May I ask how you were able to create that downloadable piece which gets downloaded upon a purchase? Is that a zip file? Does that zip file include code ( just like a mini www that is in the ionic folders ) ? Or is it just some resources such as mp3 or some jpg? I cannot picture what they mean by a product.

I know what it takes to build an app, I’ve done the whole cycles. But when it comes to creating a product ( an in-app product ), I have no idea.

All the resources I read on this simply mentions, well,… create your product and add it at iTunesConnect and make sure it is “cleared for sale” etc etc … but they do not care to further elaborate on the “create the product” piece in there.

Any help would be appreciated.