In App purchase not working in iOS 9


I am using @nraboy in app purchase method. It is working excellent in iOS 8 but not working in iOS 9. After completing the in app purchase it is not getting re-directed to

purchase : function (transactionId, productId, receipt) {
if (productId === ‘productID1’) {
I am not understanding at all. Your help is much appreciated.
Thanks in Advance

I’ve had similar problem but this plugin seems more stable than the original one

is this plugin is paid or free version ?

I’ve never seen a paid plugin.

HI @ozexpert,

Thank you for sharing your answer. Could you please share me how to use the In-app-purchase. Un able to integrate with my app.

Thanks in Advance

I have a problem with this plugin as well, I followed the documentation, but when I get to the initialization function to test if everything is alright, I get “store is not defined”.

And I did include the following function in the deviceready listener:

 var initializeStore = function() {
			console.log("store started");
			store.verbosity = store.INFO;
				id:    "",
				alias: "100 coins",
				type:  store.CONSUMABLE
			store.ready(function() {
				console.log("\\o/ STORE READY \\o/");

Do I only have to add the plugin with the cordova command?
Or do I need to include some js in my index file as well? To include dependencies in my app.js?

Could someone enlighten me please?

Can any one please update on this issue??

I feel glad if there is a fix for iOS 9 with @nraboy’s in app purchase because I have implemented the whole method in my app.

I found a new issue in @nraboy. It is working fine if we buy the product for the first time and if we buy the product second time by deleting the app with the same test id, It is showing an alert message that it will be restored for free and nothing is getting updated.

Restore is completely not working

The above issues are only in iOS 9 and in iOS 8 it is working awesome.

it’s same as the original. please read their document.

Updated ionic, cordova and npm. @nraboy is working fine now. Thanks for the answer @ozexpert

Hi there,

I’ve created an App template in CodeCanyon here: that includes functional working code of InAppPurchase integration in Ionic Framework as well as other plugins such as: InAppBrowser, SQLite, CopyDB, Admob, Analytics, SocialSharing and more.

Definitely it will help you achieve your project goals.